How We Help

Each year 4 cycles are completed. The full cycle lasts 3 months: in the first month, we receive applications from children and their parents. In the second month, we process these applications with experts of the field and then hold a meeting with the selected talents. In the third month, we hold charity events - concerts, where talented children show their talents.

Donations can be made in two ways:

  • We place on the Fund's Website a photo of every child, information about him/her and his/her desires, as well as how much money is needed for the realization of the dream. This means that you donate not to the foundation, but directly to a specific child.

  • You can donate directly to the development of our young foundation. It is important to clarify that we do not rent offices or buy cars! This reserve fund will be used only in the case when the necessary financial package for the child was not closed, and funds are needed.


We’re committed to helping children create, develop and promote their talents, but we can’t do this alone. With your assistance, our Foundation can do more. Together with us, you can help talented children in need of financial and psychological support. We call on you to become a volunteer and help the Foundation directly involved in solving particular issues. Just write us an email.

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